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Conserving water while washing dishes in a unique way

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Doing dishes may be a hard enough chore, but trying to conserve water while doing it is simply impossible. Many a times we either end up letting the water run for longer than required or use too much of detergent. During winters, even the water heater is used for longer than necessary. There is a need for a simple unit that can somehow combine all the three facets, conservation of water, saving of electricity and optimum dispensing of detergent, all in a single unit. The ‘Water Efficient Washing Up Unit’ by designer Toby Fox aims at solving this problem in a unique way. This unit includes a tank where water is filled and stored while you do the dishes. The cleaning handle of the unit sucks up the water and heats it as well. During the cleaning it dispenses the detergent in the right amount and a bout of steam at the end of the cleaning process completes the rinsing as well.

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At the flick of two buttons (one for detergent and the other for steam) and a little pump of water, your dishes are done and water is conserved. Whether such units make it to the shelf or not, the thought process of Toby has made me aware that we really need to be careful while doing mundane chores, for every drop counts.
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