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Contemporary chairs for your living room

Contemporary chairs not only offer you an excellent level of comfort but are also sleek and aesthetically appealing. They boost the style quotient and also lend a distinctive ambiance to the room. The furniture is also light in weight and easy to move around. Their minimal footprint design adds to the sleekness and style. They surely make working a better experience as they allow you to be more comfortable and relaxed while at work.

Contemporary Swivel chair

With an innovative design and versatile adaptation, the Catifa has achieved the status of the complete seating system. You can implement this design into your home, in office or even in the restaurants. This is the reason why it is so versatile in its design. They are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. The shell can be upholstered in a variety of materials including leather, fabric and suede. A chrome base with a satin steel finish adds to the classy design.

Pin up chair by Infiniti Design

This is usable art at its best. Designed and manufactured originally by an Italian company, these sexy pieces of furniture are apt to redesign your rooms. You will not be able to decide whether they are a form of art or whether they are indeed a piece of contemporary furniture. They are sleek and cool with an elegant appearance. It consists of a polished disc made of steel at its base. The seating is made up of poly compound foam wrapped in fabric or a classy leather seat. It has an irregular shape but yet it is very subtle and graceful in its appearance. The comfort is such that you will sink right in. Available in five different colors: white, red, brown, ivory and black, these definitely make the ‘special chair’ in your house.

Joya rocker

This contemporary furniture is synonymous to comfort. It is exceptional in its design. The genius in its design is the fact that although it has the least foot print yet there is no compromise in its style, comfort or quality. It comprises a wooden rocker base and the seat rises from it holstered in leather. The wooden base is available in choices, which include American Walnut or White textures. The upholstery is available in all standard colors. An additional pillow can be used as good back rest or head rest. The Joya rocker is a classy addition to the timeless collection in your room.

Kinesis and Ottoman by David Moser

This contemporary furniture suits well in your office or even your lobby. The Kinesis and Ottoman were designed on an already existing concept. Designer David Moser has given us this comfortable yet classy chair, mainly designed for lounges. The soft cushioning is the reason it is so comfortable. It has a minimalist unorthodox base design. They are available in sets: the Kinesis and the Ottoman. They serve best to provide relief for people who want to sit in a very relaxed manner. The contemporary look just adds to the demeanor of the room.

Contemporary i2i steel case chair by IDEO

This chair is great for people who are constantly moving on the chair attending tasks. This adjusts comfortably to the local movements and its steel structure provides ample load bearing capacity. They are available in a variety of forms: sideways, reclining leaning, etc. This also comes along with dual swivel mechanism whereby you can swivel the seat back and forth independently. This allows you to maintain eye contact with the person opposite to you even when you are attending other tasks at hand while sitting on the chair. Its bold design includes a flexing shell like built composed of many vertical ‘fingers’, which also lends dynamic support. The chair follows the live sitting vantage point. You have the option of a side table arm. The i2i steel case chair can be used as coffee table chairs or lounge chairs.

Contemporary play lounge chair

The design of this contemporary form of furniture is influenced by the shape of eggs. The material comprises molded polypropylene and fiber glass. Designer Philippe Stark had made this for Dendon. This lounge furniture is available in three forms: lounge floor, a hanging lounge and a pair of seats structured on the platform. It has a detailed outershell with a woven finish to its look supported by a cool gray exterior cupping the inner joyful orange colors of the seat. The designs encourage the place where you can have intimate conversations with your friends.

Lounge chairs by Kenjiro Yamakawa

This is the ultimate pampering device which you deserve at the end of a hard day’s work. It fulfils the need for comfort as well as style. It has a broader and longer seating area in order to accommodate the lower half of your body. The body is made up of wood and is covered with a thick pillow, which enhances the comfort quotient of the chair. These pillows are in the shape of small boxes. Kenjiro Yamakawa has truly gifted us a great design.

This is the ultimate pampering device, which you deserve at the end of a hard day’s work. It fulfils the need for comfort as well as style. It has a broader and longer seating area in order to accommodate the lower half of your body. The body is made up of wood and is covered with a thick pillow which enhances the comfort quotient of the chair. These pillows are in the shape of small boxes. Kenjiro Yamakawa has truly gifted us a great design.

Modern contemporary retro chairs from Bubinga

Bubinga is famous for their customized good quality contemporary chair designs. Along with other furniture pieces like tables, dining room chairs and bar stools they also specialize in the design and manufacturing of retro leather chairs. This piece of work is ideal to substitute your furniture and it will enhance your interiors. They bear strong resemblance to the tub chairs or the club chairs. Comfortable to sit in and aesthetically magnificent, these retro chairs lend a completely different outlook to your hotel/lounges. They have a distinctive feature and can be used in the conference room as well.

Contemporary Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel

This is a masterpiece in itself. Comprising 53 individual cells the chair is held together in place by magnets. You can rearrange the cells in order to suit your preferences. These magnets are called neodymium magnets and you can remove them and put it all back together very easily. You can literally design your own chair by rearranging. The Vuzzle chair draws inspiration from the Voronoi diagram. By removing 13 of the cells, you get a chair to sit on. The Vuzzle chair is designed by Christopher Daniel. You can afford this luxury in three different shades.

Fabric mitt chair by Lumisource

This chair has a unique design of a palm holding a bulb. The back is supported in the form of the five fingers and the seat is the palm of the hand. These colorful contemporary chairs have been designed by Lumisource. They can be used as a part of the children’s room. Not only in style, but also the Fabric mitt chair also offers comfort and is very relaxing. They are available in a variety of colors including blue, red, pink and orange. The cushions lend comfort and the five finger support is apt for your backrest. Indeed, it adds a more cheerful decorum in the room.

Contemporary furniture is in sync with current technology and outlook. Your old furniture may look good with the cathode tube TV, but they would not match up to the LED flat screen. This is a good investment not only in terms of money, but also in terms of comfort, style and class.

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