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CookSurface: Innovative ceramic cooktop

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Few days back we came up with Cool Drawer, a multi-temperature integrated fridge drawer system from Izona. Now, it’s the CookSurface from Fisher & Paykel. A stylish, seamless black ceramic glass design cooktop that will change your perception of the concept of cooking.

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What’s different? Indubitably, there are many cooktops available out there, but CookSurface is a world first in appliances, a revolutionary combination of gas and ceramic technology. Awkward gas hobs and traditional cooktops gets a new and elegant makeover. A flush, seamless black ceramic glass, aero-burner technology generating linear flame control, burners emerging for cooking and retracting when not in use, strong product semantics, intuitive design features, the electronic dial controls, easy cleaning, efficient and accurate heat use, a digital display are the attributes that make CookSurface one of its kind. In short, it’s a cooktop that is sure to enhance your cooking experience!

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