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Coolest cave houses from around the world

cave house

cave house

Our ancestors were intelligent I guess. I mean they lived in caves and today we live in caves too, at least we intend to. That is the reason that there are numerous cave houses put up for sale in property listings. Now, I know our ancestors were not really backwards, they just knew the awesomeness that was attached to it and it took us so much time to realize that these natural dwellings could be cooler than our concrete jungle. And, trust me when I say these are really a wonderful options. While you scroll down to look at some, you will also see some famous and some not so famous cave houses. Go on and Dig in.

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• 700 Year Old Cave Houses of Iran

cave home of iran1

These 700 year old houses are supposedly up for renting and mat be even sale. Its not only a house to own, but also a piece of history and that too a long one. See it here.

• Modern Cave House Missouri

festus cave home

Also known as Festus Cave home, it has been in news lately. It rests neatly inside 15,000 square feet sandstone cave. It was built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper, this house features the most modern of interior spaces. It has gone through many changes in its life period and it was even listed for sale on eBay for $300,000. See it here.

• Famous Coober Pedy Cave Dwellings from Australia

coober peddy cave houses

Coober Pedy in Australia is famous for these dug out houses, since Australians have been mining there since 1916. So, the people have taken advantages of mines by converting them in livable spaces and half the population lives in cave houses. This place is also famous for underground churches, inns and museums.

• Cave Home Arizona

cave home arizona 1

cave home arizona2

First thing first, this house is up for sale for $1,950,000 (of course there are additional taxes). It is described to be a unique cave home with a guest house and I also claimed to be green and healthy, as it has year round supply of spring water and also there will be no heating or cooling bills.

• Cave House with a Human Face

cave house with a human face

This cave house is in Bomarzo, Itlay and is a 16th century build. The entrance is the USP of this underground house. I really don’t know what it looks like inside, but I am sure it is as fantastical as its entrance.

• Vourvoulos Cave House

vourvoulos cave house

This one looks pretty normal and cute. It has been actually put up for sale for 32,000 Euros. As mentioned, this house needs lot of tender care. It is a traditional cave house with four rooms and drive way for your car. Vourvoulos is five minutes a way from Fira, the capital of Santorini.

• Cave House form Galera

cave house from galera1

This one is up for grabs for 50,000 Euros and it will be a great investment I guess. This house has six rooms and is in need of conversion to living accommodation. It means you have some hard work to do. It has been equipped with amenities like electricity and water etc.

• Partial Cave House with a Pool

partial cave house with a pool

partial cave house with a pool4

In the town Caniles, this is a partial cave house with an impressive pool and is an excellent condition. It is listed for sale for 273,000 Euros. It has been renovated and has three bedroom, bathroom, fitted kitchen , living room with an impressive pool. Check it here.

• Cortes De Baza Cave House

cortes de baza cave house

The deal is pretty nice for a totally unreformed cave house. It is cave house with eleven rooms on the outskirts of hamlet of Las Cucharetas, which is just a short drive from Cortes de Baza. It is available for 55,000 Euros and when renovated it should have at least three bedrooms.

• Cave house form Cappadocia

cave house from cappadocia

Famous place for you to feel the cave houses, so it’s one of the cave dwelling from there. Totally cool and is a match made in heaven for the cave men of the 21st century.

• Random Cave House from Cappadocia

random cave house

This one looks cool and nice, but unfortunately I have no substantial information for this one. But, in any case I am sure I don’t render you any incapable of taking in the sights. Here

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