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Creative door accessories

Seven creative door accessories to ensure complete security

Creative door accessories

In today’s world, safety is everybody’s main concern. To protect the house and belongings people are applying lot of effort, time, and money. Some of the products provides unique ways of security and give better results. Here is a list of seven most creative door locks that will secure your house as with a blend of amusement.

1. Remock Lockey

Remock Lockey

Do not confuse by the weird name, it is a remote controlled lock. It has two parts, first is the lock that will be installed on the door that you want to make secure and second is the key through which you can open the door. It is a very decent security solution for your home as the remote controlled lock will be mounted inside the room and only the remote key can open it. Once installed, it is impossible to detect from outside that there is a wireless lock. You can register up to sixteen remote keys with a single lock.

2. Schlage deadbolt

Schlage deadbolt

The innovative remote lock gives a new level of freedom to you and your family. It is the answer of every busy family’s need. Using the product, you can create your own home remote monitoring system and access your home or business using an internet enabled mobile or computer. It uses Z-wave technology that allows the electronic items of your home talk to each other and you via remote control.

3. Numlock Handle

Numlock Handle

This is a twisting design for something that we twist every day and helps you unlock your door without using a key-an analog handle with a dial type lock. Designed by Jess Han, this interesting lock is for those who want to use a better and secure lock for their house. It incorporates a combination lock on the handle, to use it just enter a 4-digit combination and twist the handle. Once you will leave the handle the digits will scramble to destroy the combination.

The lock will not open until you enter the correct four number combinations. It denies the entry for everyone except some of them that you choose. The dial lock can be replaced or supplemented by Braille to increase the mystery.

4. The Selective Call Intercom System

The Selective Call Intercom System

Huntsmantech Technologies provides many security products to make your life easy. One of the award-winning products is their Intercoms that come in a waterproof design. This is the only selective call intercom in the industry. It installs in a standard double gang opening and can be disabled from any indoor unit according to your use.

Some of the models from the company also come with camera for front door monitoring. You can view the live camera recording from any LCD screen just by pressing single button on the intercom.

5. Disappearing Door Knob

Disappearing Door Knob

An innovative door handle system designed by Arnaud Lapierre ensures your privacy by hiding the knob after the door is locked. It uses a pulley system that retracts the exterior doorknob when pulled from inside. Apart from providing the extra security and preventing lock pickers from easily breaking in, it shows that you are using a “do not disturb” tag. Nobody can disturb you by opening the door once you pull the knob from inside once you lock the door. Outsiders cannot grab or turn the knob after that. Overall, it is a very clever and cool idea of security.

6. Crystal Ring

Crystal Ring

This fancy crystal ring acts more like a security agent. The hip piece of jewellery designed by Marcial Ahsayane has a cut of the crystal that acts as a key of your door. There is 3D scanner embedded in the door lock that scans the facts of crystal, once the cut is authenticated the knob will pop out and you can enter the door. The concept ring can be personalized for individual users by decorating with a distinct geometry and carved glasses. Dazzling “Open me”, crystal ring looks like a secret key of your treasure.

7. Face Recognition Door Lock

Face Recognition Door Lock

The lock mostly used in companies, opens the door within a fraction of second after recognising the face as well as keeps the record of the employee’s entry and exit. Now, throws away your keys and access cards, you just need your face to unlock the door.

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