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Creative and naturally beautiful wooden chairs

Unique Chair by antonio-pio

Unique Chair by antonio-pio

We spend a lot of time in and out of chairs. In an urban society, chairs are given much importance – their shape and size often contributes to the specific requirements of its users. Here are some chairs that will make you want to reach out for them, not just because they appeal to all kinds of users but because these designs address a wide range of people; be it the minimalist, the modernist or even one with a sense of humor!

1. Franz Schrofer’s wooden tribute to the Möbius strip

Franz Schrofer

This flowing design is meant to appeal to the environment conscious and the modernist as well. Created for a design competition the piece is to emulate the Möbius strip. A great piece of furniture to compliment living rooms and balconies alike, the design provides comfort to its user. Made sturdy by its shape, this experimental design is made sturdy by its wooden make.

2. A salute to the delicacy of petals by Leif.designpark

Flower Cup Chair by Leif.designpark

An elegant piece of furniture, this would make for a great seating option in outdoor areas. The semicircle of petals emulated in this piece gives the chair a great backrest and arm support. The ‘natural’ design gives it a simple appearance that belies the complicated work involved in creating this piece.

3. Twisted elegance of the Azalea Chair

Azalea Wood Chair

If unique pieces are your choice, then this is a must have. Its unusual look is emphasized by the thickness of the azalea branches used in creating this design. The astonishingly large branches hold the properties of the azalea plants as is seen by the gnarled look of the chair. Used in gardens to support drooping plants, the azalea is a symbol of strength and sturdiness. Great as a standalone piece.

4. The Conflict Chair gives peace a chance

The Conflict Chair

This rather strange design has a motive. Designed by Aviad Gil, an Israeli by origin, the conflict chair is built out of olive wood, extending the idea of the olive branch which is a universal sign of peace. It emphasizes on how each nation, each person, is socially entwined with the other. Hence, when one is higher up than the other, it only leads to an ‘unnatural’ design. More an art piece than a chair, this one.

5. The futuristic appeal of the Plooop Chair

Ploop Chair

Designer Timothy Schreiber’s unique piece is a chair in organic experimentation. Made by layering plywood, this piece comes with an open design that spells comfort for its user. Great for offices and homes alike, this one-material piece is meant not just to conserve wood but could define how elegant chairs will be made in the years to come.

6. An experimentation with lights by Dohoon Kim

Tension Chair

DoHoon Kim’s piece is a next level chair. An art work in its own right, the tension chair is not just built for great seating comfort in formal and informal spaces but also comes with its own lighting design that relies on the sunrays alone. The birch and plywood design, complimented by the dark shaded wood used on the sides also lets the chair capture light from its nearby source and create a glow that surrounds those seated on it. This one is a showstopper of a chair!

7. Pedro Friedeberg brings together quirk and comfort

Hands and Feet Chair by Pedro Friedeberg

For some this may be a grotesque design but for the others, this is a mix of humor and design genius! With each feature and figure nail carved to perfection the Hands and Feet by Pedro Friedeberg is a large chair that is intended to make heads turn. What’s the best part? The materials and the design combine in a great way to give comfort to the user. The Hands and Feet chair is also available in a multitude of colors.

8. Converting the keyboard into a comfortable chair

Wolfgang Keyboard Bench

Resembling a piano bench, The Keyboard Bench Chair adds a bit of fun and elegance to any living room. Oozing luxury and comfort, this piece is created by Nolan Herbut, an Industrial Design student, using 2000 individual computer keyboard keys. This one is bound to bring a look of wonder and a smile on the face of its beholder.

9. Unique chair designs from Antonio Pio Saracino

Deer looking chair by Antonio Pio Saracino

For a design enthusiast, this is a sight for sour eyes. For a comfort fiend, this chair will be an instant hit thanks to its deer antler and ribcage look that provides for great support to the back and likewise balance the chair itself. The inverted look adds marvel to the piece and the dark wood finish of the chair gives it a clean, elegant look. Take a bow, Antonio Pio Saracino!

10. A cute piece for the little one


The cute, whimsical design of the Bamboestoel Chair with a continuing pouch like pattern is going to have adults all over wish they weren’t in baby sizes alone. The small chair is built from plywood and is meant for the little babe. The pouch like curves assemble in different ways to make for comfortable seating. In everyone of its adjustments, this chair ensures that a child can frolic about without worrying about tipping over.

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