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Spill Proof Dog Bowls

Cute spill proof dog bowls

Spill Proof Dog Bowls

Designer: Cameron Coward (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Pets make the home environment more cheerful and lively but, sometimes things can get a bit irritating. It happens especially when you serve food in their favorite bowls and instead of having it, they notoriously start playing with them. And as a result, food is spilled everywhere on the floor and carpet. Designer ‘Cameron Coward’, who himself owns a cute puppy, has come with a solution of this problem in the form of ‘Spill proof dog bowls’. These bowls not only offer spill proof feature but also sport a cute look that your pets will love.

What’s unique

The simple and harmless methods used are perfect for naughty pets. These food and water bowls, come with magnetic rings on the bottom for stability. The dishes can easily be placed on a metal dog crate.

High points

The magnetic rings at the bottom are harmless to them while having food.

These bowls comes in beautiful colors which look quite appealing.

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