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Decorate in your own style



If someone is asking you about your style, I am sure that you will tell about your casual and formal dresses. But, what will you say when someone is asking about your home’s style?

Your home is extension of your style and sensibility. Your home resembles your personality, what you like most. How would you decorate your home according to your personality or in simple way. It depends on you.

Here are some tips to decorate your home according to your style.

1)While decorating your home choose one theme or mix of two themes. It may be either traditional, modern or combination of both. That is your own choice but it will give you better option to think.

2) Most important thing that people notice is sofa. So always choose a sofa that suits your lifestyle and personality and off course it should be comfortable also.

3)Paint your home, according to your style. You can play with colors also. You can choose different colors also. If you are using Natuzzi’s Domino sofa in deep Mushroom color in centre, it will look good.

4) Choose pillow, cushion covers and lampshades, which suits with sofa and other accessories. It gives complete look to your home.

5) Decorate your home according to trend also. So add some decorating magazines and current piece of furniture, which gives your home a bright look.

I hope now you can start decorating your home according to your style.

Via: abc11tv

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