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Desk accessories by Artori design

Gone are the days when people didn’t give much importance to
their desk and desk accessories, in today’s highly competitive world we need
inspiring desk accessories to make our creative juices flowing. Kitschy desk accessories
designed by Artori design can make your desk look adorable and you will feel
like working whenever you sit on it.

The bottom end of this pencil features a broom which works
as an eraser and you can correct all the mistakes on your paper by erasing them
with this eraser. This eraser lasts longer than the normal one which makes it
even cooler.

The upper part which is made of metal can be used to hold
pen and pencils and the lower part can be used to keep small stationery
accessories like gem clips, eraser etc.

This pencil holder is available in two colors pink and white
and it has a detachable bottom.

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