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Diva Induction Cooktop serves your cooking needs

1 BvSeR 58

1 BvSeR 58

Diva Induction Cooktop has been designed by the Diva de Provence and has 5 burner induction cooktops. It delivers over 89,000 BTU’s of power and the burner design is such that it offers great flexibility and freedom for the users. The center element is auto-expandable which means you do not have to worry about the size or anything petty like that. It can automatically accommodate cookware, which may range between 4″ to 11″. You can easily use three 14″ pans and, of course, the design maintains cleanliness and looks sleek and smart. It is made of glass and stainless steel and is energy efficient which also makes it green. It comes with a bridge burner and electronic controls. The Diva Induction Cooktop comes in black, stainless steel and white, and costs $3,000.

Via: HomePortfolio

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