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Diva meets Broadway for dynamic women


The designer/manufacturer

Daniel Pera and Sérgio Barbosa


Designers Daniel Pera and Sérgio Barbosa has created a magnificent piece for those women who possess the poise and beauty to charm the world. Diva is especially designed to complement the individuality and personal space of such modern day women. The design of Diva takes its cue from those female figures who are concerned about their image and how can it affect their relation with the society. A perfect blend of two active elements plays a significant role in the formation of this magnificent piece. The first element happens to be a volumetric that multiplies itself in seven different sections and a base. The second element is a mirror, which serves as the manifestation of the Broadway concept.

What’s unique

Make-up or jewelry case guard is the main element of the Diva. It features a central block that conceals a base and six drawers. It is supported by four legs, which are made from casting technique and also materializes as the drapery of the tail dresses. The central box of the Diva holds the overlapping cabinet drawers that sway among themselves. Furthermore, the exterior of this magical object has been given a glossy black lacquered finish.

High points

When you look inside the Diva, you will notice a smooth flow of versatility, which is highly specific and offers you a moment of make-up along with a choice of jewels. The interior of this striking object is lined in fabric to create a warm and organized surrounding. Overall, the Diva is made up of three elements: a base, a support and a mirror. Metal has been used as a raw material to construct this piece. Further, it has been die-casted and polished. Eight G4 halogen lamps surround the mirror to offer you a more glowing ambiance. Bring the Diva to your house and celebrate the femininity at its best.

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