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Dream Shades: Trendy pink bedroom ideas

pink furniture1

pink furniture1
Pink is a timeless shade that we generally associate with love and innocence, and is also known for its softness and warmth. The versatile shade known for its Barbie effect soothes and calms emotions, gives warmness and a feeling of support. Pink is often thought to be a feminine and girls delicate color, but its the color of happiness that makes you fall in love with it. The shade no longer remains the color of girls but brings a positive influence to your décor. Pink color schemes are great to use in many different ways. You might want to use it just about everywhere or maybe just to add charm to a room or two. Check out the dream shade ideas for your bedrooms. • Beds Bring in the beauty and bliss of pink in your bedrooms. One of the prettiest themes for the bedroom is pink shade. Pink is a really warming color that is pretty, inviting and cozy, and is perfect for bedroom decor. Combining this color with others, you could get various awesome designs. The best ever combination that complements any décor is white and pink, but if you want brighter bedroom then you might more like a combination of pink and green colors. Pink bed sheets, with different shades of pillows look amazing. Different pink shaded cushions also make for amazing looking interiors.
pink bed design1
pink bed design
• Walls Pink is the color of femininity and it comes in lots of different shades. The pink shade can change the entire look of your house. The very shade on your walls makes your room look wonderful. There are numerous ways to use pink shade on your walls. The walls can be painted in pink, or one can make us e of wallpapers, decals and vinyl stickers in different shade of pink to suit your style. The shade depends entirely upon your taste, from baby pink to dark pink, the color simply adds splash to your wall. In addition the curtains in p[ink shades also adds wonder to your whole living environment.
pink wall color
pink wall stickers
• Flooring Flooring plays a vital role in the creation of the right environment for great indoors. For a bold look on the floor, using pink tiles is one of the best options. Mix tile colors for a dramatic look. Choices include pink and cream, pink and black, and pink and chocolate brown. Use pink vinyl flooring, or if you prefer wooden flooring, then simply paint an existing wood floor pink. Paint the entire floor pink or paint a checkerboard pattern, it will simply look great.
pink floor tiles
pink vinyl flooring
• Furniture Whether you want one pink statement piece, or an entire bedroom filled with pink furniture, there’s plenty of items to choose from. The color pink is more popular than ever and is definitely the type to go for. One of the best things about it is that it can produce a variety of results just from changes in shading and contrast. Its up to you to decide where the pink furniture is going, and then let loose your creativity for a room that you can truly be proud of.
pink furniture
pink furniture2
• Gadgets After you have given the pink treatment to you bed, walls, furniture and flooring, it’s time to add some funky pink-colored gadgets to your bedroom to complement the overall looks. For the same, you can go for a branded TV in pink, a good-looking pink alarm clock or an iPod dock with the same color scheme. While picking one, just make sure you go for the shade that matches well with the rest of the pink shade of your bedroom.
pink colored alarm clock
• Tips to make your pink bedroom even more appealing 1. Pair Pink with Black When you mix pink with black, all you get is a contemporary feel. Here, I am talking about contrast. You can bring in hints of black along with the pink. For examples, you can opt for a black chair set or a few painting with black as their base.
black and pink interior bedroom
2. Barbie Scheme This is one great idea for a little girl’s or a Barbie fan’s bedroom. Since most of the Barbie accessories come in pink, you can go for Barbie-themed home furnishings straight away.
barbie pink design
3. Use Stripes There are a few colors, including white, ivory, lime, sage green and pale orange, which complement the pink color the just right way. In this case, you can go for striped curtains, striped wall paint or striped accessories. With the stripes scheme, your bedroom is sure to look unique and inviting.
pink stripped shade

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