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Easy to do wall art creates a stylish look for the bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven, your sanctuary and even if you don’t do much other than sleep in the room, it reflects your tastes and preferences. Decorating the bedroom may seem easy but it can easily become very cluttered with trinkets or overpowering accessories. Here are some easy decorating ideas for bedroom walls.


1. Framed art and pictures

Framed artwork and pictures make the most attractive bit of wall art for bedroom walls. The trick to getting this look right is to pick frames that are the right size for your wall and filling them with family photos or artwork. When using artwork, remember to use a whole series in similar paint scheme and photos should ideally be black and white to avoid making your wall look too colorful.

2. Surfboards and guitars

Items like surfboards, guitars, fishing rods, baseball bats etc. make excellent wall decorations for boys’ rooms though they can just as easily be used in girls’ rooms as well if they are outdoorsy and sporty. Just remember to use items that aren’t in use as putting them on the wall and taking them down may weaken the mounting mechanism and cause it to fall off.

3. Over sized poster-laden panels

If you want a room to look contemporary and love posters, getting a wall sized one and dividing it over similar sized panels could help you create an excellent accent wall with minimum effort. Such a scheme can be very dramatic and overpowering so you should keep the décor of the rest of the room on the minimal side.

4. Wall stickers

For young kids, wall sticks make an excellent wall art option. Use stickers than come with an easy to peel off sticking mechanism or simply use many small bits of double sides tape to put these on for a 3D effect.


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