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Eatables are no more just meant to be munching!

matter lead

matter lead

What if I ask you to sit on the stuff you eat eg. bread, rice and licorice etc. Design students from Venice and San Marino actually made I possible. These ingenious minds have come up with a series of chairs made up of eatables. The chairs exhibited at Testing the Limits of Matter are the result of research based on the principle of energy, the chemical process and the reaction. Check out these wow chairs. First pic is of Rosetta Chair that’s made of flour, water, salt, malt, yeast and granular gelatin. Second is the Rice Chair made from puffed rice and rice glue, last but not the least is the Chaise Longue Sweet that’s made up of licorice root and gelatin.

matter rosetta cahir

matter rice chair

matter chaise longue sweet

Via: Mocoloco

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