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Eco Breeze cools your home naturally

Eco Breeze

Eco Breeze

Luxury and comfort come at a price. And, inflated electricity bills due to constant running of air conditioners are a regular pinch to the pocket, especially in summer. Eco Breeze provides a cost effective answer to this problem. You all know nothing compares the fresh cool air that mother nature provides, not even the cold AC air which has its own harmful side effects. Employing the patented microprocessor based technology, Eco Breeze utilizes outside air to cool home interiors and can be easily installed in a window. It is equipped with sensors to gauge temperatures and humidity levels outside home.

Whenever fresh and cool air is blowing outside, the intake mechanism at the bottom of the unit sucks it inside the room while the exhaust at the top pulls in hot air trapped on the ceiling. In this manner, the cooling is dramatically accelerated and that too without consuming too much power. The thermostat in the unit cools the room below the air conditioning setting in this way. Based on the principles of ventilation cooling, Eco Breeze reduces air conditioning bills by 35 to 90 per cent.

Apart from running cost of the AC, there is considerable savings on its repairs too as once the Eco Breeze is installed at home, ACs will be less in use. The louvers at the exhaust and intake vents do not allow the leakage of cool air and the house remains cool for longer period. The technology is highly effective during summer as there is a huge variation in day and night temperatures.

Eco Breeze cooling system

The morning air is generally cool and relatively humidity-free. During this time, Eco Breeze can pull in outside air and cools the house from inside and at the same time thermostat installed in the unit prevents cold nights thus maintaining optimum temperature inside. The best thing in using Eco Breeze is that it constantly replaces stale air with fresh one which is very good for health. However, the system might not be too effective in areas which have high humidity but Eco Breeze is not only eco-friendly but also healthy and cost effective.

Via: NaturesCoolingSolutions

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