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Econiture: Stylishly green multi-functional home furniture

econiture 1

econiture 1

Econiture as the name suggests is the eco-friendly furniture that lets you lead a sustainable life. Enhancing the modish living space, it’s the modularly cool environment-friendly furniture that brings nature to the living environment. What’s unique about it?

Well, taking the home decoration to whole new level, this multi-functional furniture besides allowing you to sit on, functions as a natural air purifier, humidifier, power source for charging electronic gadgets, removable mug heater and music speaker too. Also, it has soar powered charger, LED lights for plants to grow and create oxygen at night, LCD screen that shows the environment’s air condition. In nutshell, econiture stylishly multi-functional eco-friendly home furniture for sustainably classy homes!

eco 3
eco 5
eco 4
eco 6

Via: pachlovesdesign

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