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Cool home: Elegant fire extinguisher will add to the stylish decor

fire extinguisher 3 dlG2U 1822

fire extinguisher 3 dlG2U 1822

We all do realize how important it is to have a fire extinguisher at home. However, in most cases they look so ugly that we just stuff it away somewhere out of sight. Here’s a smart solution by Sigrun Vik, a Masters student at Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

fire extinguisher BCV9I 1822

What’s different? Certainly, for anything to be placed in the visible parts of our home, it has to be pleasing to the eye. The product concept Act is a brand new and intelligent fire extinguisher with awe-some facade. Connection to a wireless fire alarm system alerts with sound and light when the alarm is triggered, thereby making it easier to be used when needed. Modern and elegant form would in a discreet way fit in almost any homes. So guys, no more hiding away your fire extinguisher, place this trendy one in any part of your home and ensure your safety.
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