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Elite Choice: 30 voguish sofas!



Welcome to the marvelous world of unusually cool sofas! Right type of sofa sitting in your living room plays the trick! Today, I planned to come up with some of the best creative stuff for modern homes. So if you prefer a creative display, here are few most creative and unique furniture pieces that while sitting in your living room will make you feel the proud owner. Choose one for yourself and give your living style a modern and absolutely unique look.


Aston Martin DB6 Sofa.
axn egg crate sofa

Egg sofa: How about sitting on eggshells?
cactus couch

Cactus Couch: I hope it doesn’t prick!
piscina castiglione

Swimming Pool Sofa!

•Comfortable and soft Nubola Sofa.

•The beautiful Velvet Sofa designed by creative designers Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro.
06 starlounge dormeuse

Star System Sofas by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone.
sofa rnc7q 1822

•Funky Oxygen Sofa by Svilen Gamolov.

Acceleration Sofa by Copenhagen based designer Phillip Grass.

SofaBOX: Unusual sofa design by John Hofgartner from Winterthur, Switzerland.

•The Flying Carpet Sofa: East meets West sofa by Tonio de Roover.
charlotte kingsnorth bt4gj 1822

Obese sofa by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Infinity Shaped Sofa inspired by the infinity symbol.
cipria sofa by fernando and humberto campana 4 zb1

•Eye-catching Cipria sofa by Fernando and Humberto Campana.
sofa o7ifd 1822

Chic sofa by Christopher Matthew McCarthy: Lie down on your sofa; let others sit too!
2608275705 5a02619d55

Stuffed Animals Sofa: Creative sofa made from stuffed animals.

SKiN Sofa by Jean Nouvel.s

Morphed Sofa by Nina Saunders.

Sofa One.
umarmung2 oyes1 1822

Umarmung floor seating sofa by Christoph Vogl.
veggie sofa xqigk 1822

Veggie sofa by Christian Vivanco.

Scrubbing Brush Sofa: Comfortably cool!

Abaco Loveseat: Cool seating made in Italy using traditional craftsmanship with sleek curvaceous motifs.
artefakt ron 01 01 m

Steel Sofa: Creative steel sofa by the English steel artist Ron Arad.
bookcase sofa

Flexform Oltre Bookcase Sofa!
lila jang sofa

Lila Jang’s Wall-Climbing Sofa.

Modern Sofa with two heat-formed planks and minimal fasteners.
mountain range couch 450x256

•The Monte Bello modular mountain range sofa system.

Twisted Sofa from Nina Edwards.
small2 edkys 3868

•How about parking the ‘Vintage Bike Sofa‘ in your living room?

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