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hansa 2 S6HkZ 1822

Trendy faucets : Elegance meets functionality

hansa 2 S6HkZ 1822

Elegance that blends seamlessly with functionality – that’s the balance we are all looking for when trying to settle for something for our precious home – right? And nowadays, people want everything to fit that bill – from the furniture to the faucet! For, gone are the days when faucets could escape scrutiny of the style police, hidden in the bathrooms. Nowadays, whether hidden or not, people want them to be functional as well as stylish. Hansa International is a brand name that has been known for enhancing the interior design of kitchens and bathrooms with their inimitable faucets.

Here’s a hands free lavatory, Hansamurano, that is undeniably extravagant. It’s an enthralling way to offer you an electronic variant. You just place your hands and the sensor, which is positioned in the middle of the bowl, lets the water flow. And as you remove your hands, it ceases.
hansa bbb4y 1822
What’s different? Undoubtedly, Hansamurano faucet lends a chic look to your kitchen and bathroom. Its cool technology is an added bonus! Another feature that makes this faucet stand the best from the rest is that there is no germ cross-contamination. The most pressing need of the day – won’t you say? I am sure you are already on your way to buy this amazing water dispenser, see you there!

Via: Furniturestoreblog

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