Fall Home Maintenance Ideas 2012-13

With the change in season, not only the clothes and a course in daily activities change but the requirements of your house also change. With your both, you home also demands to be handled very carefully to get adapted to the changing weather. When the leaves start shedding from the trees and the temperature starts getting a bit cool in the last evenings or early mornings, you know that the fall is about to appear. So, before it suddenly arrives get ready and most importantly, make your home ready to face the change of weather so that you get the same cosy feeling even in winters and your house also remain protected from any harmful environmental agent. Here are some of the quick tips which you might need to keep in mind in order to make your house prepared for the changing weather:


Maintenance of Interior

Before the season starts, check the edges of your house very carefully for the presence of any bugs that might cause damage to your wooden furniture, windows or doors as with the changing season, they are most likely to enter your house first without even letting you know. Also, it would be wise to cover the air conditions to prevent any air leakage as you will not be using them any more in the winter season. Replace the filters of your humidifiers with the new ones or clean them properly with the vinegar, as per the requirement.

Maintenance of Exterior

Gets your roofs checked carefully so that there is no damaged corner and if there is any, get it repaired immediately so that the cold winds do not enter your home or expand the small damage. Also, get your chimneys properly cleaned by the professionals in case you are having a fire place at your home as you might need to use it regularly in winters and consequently, getting it cleaned would save your home from getting the toxic gasses accumulated inside. Have a proper check of your drainage system so that the rainwater doesn’t get accumulated in front of your home and lead to any kind of diseases.


When the season changes, the need to make changes in the house is also accompanied with it! So whenever there is a call for the fall, make sure that you get the exterior and interior of your house properly checked in order to protect it from the effects of changing weather.