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Fatboy bean bag for your comfort

Beanbags are an alternative over traditional furniture for relaxing in your patio or munching in front of TV. These are known to give more comfort as compared to woodden/metal furniture. The durability of this product depends majorly on the brand it belongs to. Fatboy is a well known brand for beanbags and provides great quality and durability in its products. Fatboy beanbags are multifunctional and can be used as arm chairs, comforting pillows or even as an extra bed in case an unexpected guest arrives. To choose a bean bag complimenting your choice, here are some of the best beanbags of Fatboy.

1. Fatboy: Oversized bean bag in brown
PRICE : USD 219.835

This is one of the most comfortable bean bags. It is a great option and can be used in many ways apart from the original bean bag usage. It can be kept in the office or can be used as a large pillow for kids or even as an extra bed for situations where unexpected guests arrive. The comfy lounge bag is made from a nylon material with special coating. The material used is very easy to clean and maintain and a gentle rub with a damp cloth is enough for it. The relaxing beanbag apart from being very comfortable also looks great wherever kept. The product compliments any background. The brown color looks amazing and works great with most of the interiors.


The brown color compliments a wide range of interiors, especially wooden and leather accented furniture.

The nylon material can easily be cleaned and maintained.

2. Fatboy: Original bean bag Marimekko
PRICE : USD 350.597

The bean bag is a great practical alternative to the normal common beanbags. The bright and colorful bean bag represents a new option for those looking for a change. Made of easy to clean nylon material, the bean bag is amazingly easy to clean and, therefore, cuts down on maintenance. This bean bag can be used in more than one way. You can use the bean bag as an armchair, a lounge bag, a comforting pillow for kids or even a bed for unexpected situations. The bean bag can be kept in the relaxing area in office as well. A great feature is that it can be shaped the way you find it convenient.


The filling of the beanbag is of high quality EPS, which makes it exceptionally comfortable as compared to other bean bags.

You can change the shape of the bean bag according to your comfort.
It can be used for other purposes like bed or comforting pillow as well.

3. Fatboy: Original bean bag in cobalt
PRICE : USD 143.99

The original bean bag in cobalt is a great option whether you use it for sleeping, relaxing, reading or lounging. With a huge variety of colors to choose from, the bean bag can compliment any interior. The material used in the bean bag is a nylon material, which is very easy to clean and a practical choice. A slight rub with a damp cloth is enough to maintain it. The bean bag fits in to any place and has the perfect size to lounge in. The nylon fibers used make it last longer.


The nylon bag can even be used as a mattress for power naps.

The color is a great and striking choice.

4. Fatboy: Buggle up in brown
PRICE : USD 358.134

This buggle-up bean bag is comfortable and since it is made from durable polyester fabric you won’t need to worry much about the maintenance. The bean bag amazingly suits any interior. It has a PVC coating, which makes it a great dirt and moisture repellent. The well designed bean bag is created for indoor and outdoor lounging. The polybead filled bean bag features a special strap and sail ring, which can help in lounging up to a 60 degree position.


This bean bag has a strap and sailing ring, which allows lounging and adds extra comfort to the product.

It features a PVC coating, which makes it a great dirt and moisture repellent.
It is a great rain, stain and UV resistant.

5. Fatboy: 21st century bean bag

This water resistant bean bag is very easy to clean and cuts down on maintenance. It is filled with virgin polystyrene beads, which provide great comfort and the ultimate lounging experience. It features a PVC coating, which makes it moisture and dirt repellent. The bean bag is well designed and looks great wherever kept. The polyester fabric used makes it more comfortable and easier to clean and maintain.


The PVC coating makes it dirt and moisture repellent, which makes it perfect to grab one.

It is easy to maintain.
The polyester fabric adds to the comfort.

6. Fatboy junior in black

Fatboy junior is one of the typical bean bags we see at every other kids’ home. What’s special about this bag is that it has raised the bars of quality and comfort. These bean bags are smartly designed and last remarkably longer. The bean bag is ideal for a playroom or can be used as a relaxing chair, a body pillow or even as a bed for emergencies. Nylon material is used is it and the PVC coating makes it water and stain resistant.


The bean bag is filled with virgin polystyrene beads, which make it incredibly durable.

The product is of high quality and great durability.

7. Fatboy: Jacket lounge bean bag in red

This bean bag is a multifunctional bean bag, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors in gardens or lounges. The material is of high durability and completely washable. The product can be ironed after washing to refresh the Teflon finish. The bean bag completely compliments the latest trends and fashion.


The sunbrella fabric is not only a great moisture repellent, but also has great color fastness and durability.

The bean bag compliment the latest trends and looks good wherever kept.

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