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Flap Sofa- The ultimate in seating comfort

flap sofa 5KdDN 2263

flap sofa 5KdDN 2263

Do you crave to relax in a sofa that gives you the comfort of resting your back at a desired inclination? The Flap Sofa offers you just that. Unlike the other sofas on which you have to rest your back either erect or in a flat posture (as in the case of a sofa-cum bed arrangement), this sofa gives you the flexibility of adjusting the inclination of the backrest to your angle of comfort. This chick sofa set is available in a lot of contemporary shades like crème, off white and elegant shades of blue and grey amongst other equally aristocratic shades.

This sofa set is actually a uniquely configured collection of a series of armrests, headrests and movable front supports that are dynamically linked together. There is no rigidity anywhere and this makes the movement of the individual seats of the sofa independent of each other. Hence, your companion on the sofa does not necessarily have to share the same angle of comfort as you do.

Everything is fine about this contemporary piece of furniture, but there seems to be just one snag. It looks as though this elongated 6-7 persons seating arrangement is going to occupy quite some space. If you have space then this sofa is the best for you, though, owing to the dynamic linkages between the comprising units, I wonder if it can be configured to fit into less spacious rooms also.

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