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Flowerpot+table: An incredibly beautifully designed furniture for your balcony

Flowerpot cum Table

Flowerpot cum Table

How do you like to decorate your balcony? Is it cozy, spacious, functional or a mini garden? Would you be able to enjoy the company of friends, families, comfort and sunset on a lazy Sunday afternoon from your balcony? Some of you might have a great looking balcony while some might have never thought of decorating your balcony. But, in case there is not much space in your balcony and you still want to have both plants and some furniture to enjoy your evenings in the balcony, you would be delighted to know about the flowerpot cum garden furniture. This incredibly beautiful piece of furniture has won the first prize at the creative contest organized by the Garden Unique.

Designed as an entry to the contest, the furniture is an excellent addition for your balcony. Apart from being exceptionally beautiful it is also stylish and innovative in design. The furniture consists mainly of the table and chairs, each of which are fitted with pots for plants. So, your dream to have a great looking balcony in a small space is not far from realization. The flower-pot cum table can be used as a seating furniture or they can also be used to place things on them. And of course, along with that you would have your plant in the flower pot sitting right next to you.

Made of natural, recyclable fiber, the table is quite durable and also doesn’t weigh much, which means it would be easier for you to move it around. The chairs have been made using metal frames, resilient foam and vinyl polyester material. The chairs are waterproof and soft for a comfy evening in the balcony. The flowerpot cum table is a creatively designed furniture and undoubtedly one of the must have furnitures for a small and compact balcony.

Via: GardenUnique

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