Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath from Kohler: Another name for supreme comfort

kohler jSWGK 17620
Have you ever enjoyed the rhythm of whirlpools? No, you can’t understand the melodious charm behind the tides and ripples, unless you jump into the deep sea. But Kohler‘s Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bathtub aims to provide you that unimaginable experience of listening to the music inside the vibrating water. Equipped with exceptional features, this bathtub takes your whole body into the realm of perfect relaxation, while you are enjoying the soothing music. The luminous LED lights present a beautiful sight before the eyes, while the temperature is very much under your control. The built-in control panel on the side of the tub projects all the options like adjusting water level, temperature, volume and choice of music. You can also change the options through a remote control. And I am sure you’ll not ask for anything else (the drinks and chocolates etc) once you get into the bath with closed eyes, because the only thing you can remember and feel will be – as if stepping towards the heaven.

kohler 04 VMpps 58

Source: Gearlog