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Gastrominator Multi Cooker for scientific cooking

Gastrominator Multi-Cooker

Designer: Alicia Rampe

Gastrominator Multi-Cooker

Molecular gastronomy has now crossed the scientific domain and reached the work space pf cooks and chefs. It embodies sensory and food science, borrowing tools from lab and ingredients from the food industry. ‘Gasstrominator’, designed by Alicia Rampe from Brooklyn, NY, is inspired from this and gets its name from the same. This device embraces the combination of art and science in cooking. It has gamut of tools and hence, gives perfect cooking experience to not only chefs but also to amateur cooks.This vacuum flask cooker uses minimal amount of energy.

What’s unique

Domesticating technologies like Bluetooth, sous vide and thermal cooking, this will be the first ever multipurpose device that can be used for various cooking methods like pressure and thermal cooking, boiling and simmering sauce and leave less space for errors.

High points

This economical and easy to use professional technology produces impressive results and concocts surprise after surprise for the dinners. Gastrominator is composed of multiple vacuum flasks and keep the temperature stable. Its main components are a digitalized vacuum spaced lid and a vacuum bag, a ferrous cooking pot. All of these are contained in a vacuumated shell. The shell gets energy from the induction base with digital hub. This device performs dual function to extract the atmosphere from the vacuum bags and after cooking to reverse the direction to pump the smoke into the bags as well. To determine cooking time and to measure food, a small scale is integrated within it. To give it more advanced and professional abilities, a simple software, to seamlessly upload recipes and to alter cooking specifications, is incorporated with Bluetooth technology for users. In addition, to make a fun crust on the meal, a kitchentorch is also provided.

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