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Geometric and angular Plastic Lounge Chair is super stackable

Stackable chairs have always been one of the top buys for people living in smaller spaces but love to throw parties and have people come over. For long, these chairs have been considered something of an eyesore that are only fit to be seen in public when the regular seating in one’s home is not sufficient to seat everyone at a gathering. However, designer Mauro Fragiotta has come up with a way to make stackable plastic chairs look more appealing and become a part of the décor. His own take on the classic stackable chair is dubbed the Plastic Lounge Chair and like its name suggests, the seat is designed to become a part of one’s formal or causal lounge.


Fragiotta’s chair is inspired by the silhouettes of the iconic Eames Plywood chair and presents a modern alternative to the classic stackable chair. The seat comes with striking geometric angles that allow the chair to retain a minimalistic and modern appeal. To suit a number of decors and interior color palettes, the lounge chairs are offered in a range of attractive colors as well.

Another innovation on the chair is the fact that it comes with just three legs instead of four. By merging the two hind legs on the chair into a single solid line that extends right up through the backrest and provides the chair with extra sturdiness. This makes the chair more ergonomic as well and provides better support to the user’s back.

The Plastic Lounge Chair is fashioned out of nylon and ABS which allows it to remain lightweight as well as spill-and stain-proof as well as water, dust and weather proof. This particular aspect of the design allows the stackable chairs to be used as trendy and minimalistic outdoor furniture as well.

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