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Get rid of those Creepy Creatures with Spider Catcher and Bug Vaccum


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If bugs and spiders is something that’s bugging you… then check out these bug catchers. Regine at Popgadget has used a very appropriate headline ‘Forget the rolled up Magazine’. Very true…I hate the sight of a filthy spider crawling across that wall, and whenever I spot one I end up running for a magazine.
But with gadgets like Spider catcher and Bug Vaccum , I think I’ll get rid of those creepy creatures.

Spider Catcher

You can catch a spider while still remaining 65cm away. All you have to do is pull the trigger on the handle of the Spider Catcher, pop the bristled end onto the creature and release (see it in action). The spider is incapacitated thanks to the nylon bristles that act like glue to its hairy little legs. Unfortunately, you’ll have to finish the job yourself and release the beast in the garden or kill it. The device can also be used to catch butterflies and moths without hurting them.

Bug Vaccum

This version of the Bug Vacuum has a few “improvements” on previously blogged versions. Like other bug suckers, this vacuum inhales your creepy crawlie into a long-nozzled chamber, but instead of killing or simply containing the bug, this vacuum has a built-in magnifier so you can admire your most recent catch!

Thanks : Popgadget

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