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Get tanned right in your bathroom with Idrolux



People at Idrolux have aimed to help you getting the hottest look this season-The Tanned Look. Yes, with their bathing fixtures you can get that bronze look right in the comforts of your bathroom. That’s simply awesome! They have combined the powers of water and sun in a single unit, to help you get tanned when you are having a bath.

To get that ever desired tanned body, all you have to do is switch on the lights (Tanning Lamps) with the touch of a remote control button, turn the water on and leave rest to Idrolux. The UV rays from the lamps warm up your skin while the water removes the impurities leaving you with a clean bod and a sexy tan.

With Idrolux at your service, it’s precisely up to your fancy to get tanned first or to have a cool shower before switching on the lights to tan you.

So get set to experience the tanning revolution without stepping out of the comforts of your home.

Via: Popgadget

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