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Gift guide 2011: 10 Best home soda makers

home soda makers

Making soda at home has never been so easy with the best soda makers in town. Be it any party or for get together you do not have to worry about going to the supermarket to buy soda bottles.

home soda makers

1. Jet home soda maker

Jet Home Soda MakerThis soda make uses a three step process by which you can get waters, seltzers or sodas in about a few seconds. The soda maker comes with a carbonation chamber which adds fizz to the normal tap water. There are also flavor concentrates so that you can choose any flavor. The carbonator bottle is reusable and is environmental friendly. The product does not work on battery and has hand pump design. From the manufactures side there is about a three years warranty. However this product cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or any other military addresses due to certain regulations. It comes with a price tag of $90.

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2. Soda stream home soda maker kit

SodaStream Home Soda Maker Kit

Do not worry if you have unexpected guests at home as you can always make some great soda or seltzer at home. Soda can be made from tap water in a span of few seconds. One just needs to screw the carbonator button and add the flavor of one’s choice. Once you press the button, the soda is made. A pack of soda stream contains one 60-liter carbonator, 9-1/2′ x 6′ x 7’, BPA free carbonating bottle Soda Stream Home Soda Maker. You can place an order for this soda maker from Brookston. It is priced at 100$.

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3. Soda stream home soda maker with 6 soda mixes

SodaStream Home Soda Maker with 6 Soda MixesWith this soda maker you will receive a choice of assorted six soda mixes. Though the soda maker is priced at $149, however there is some discount and you just need to pay $122.99. Once you place an order with them the soda maker usually leaves the warehouse in 5-7 business days.

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4. Soda stream pure soda maker

SodaStream Pure Soda Maker

With Soda Stream Pure Soda Maker, one can make soda at the just press of a button. You do not need high fructose corn syrup or aspartame for added fizz. Create your own drink or seltzer with this soda maker. This soda make is perfect for your kitchens and comes with an added feature of automatic gas release. There is also a clean drip tray. This soda maker does not run on battery or electricity the soda maker kit comprises of one reusable, BPA free carbonating bottle, one reusable 60 liter CO2 carbonator, a fizz preserving closure. The product comes with a 2-year warranty. It is priced at $130. This product needs a customer signature on delivery.

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5. Soda stream fizz home soda maker

SodaStream Fizz Home Soda MakerThe Soda Stream™ Fizz home soda maker comes with a Fizz Chip™ that keeps a check on the gas level and also lets us know about the amount of carbon dioxide that is left in the carbonator. This feature gives us a signal about when to change the CO2 canister. The kit comprises of Eone reusable 1 liter BPA-free carbonating bottle with a sixty liters of CO2 carbonator than can make about sixty liters of beverages. It comes with two year warranty and priced at$150.
Buy here: Bedbathandbeyond

6. Soda stream crystal home soda maker

SodaStream Crystal Home Soda Maker

One can enjoy a soda within 30 seconds. There are hardly any wastages and any worry about bottles to store. One can make energy drinks, seltzers and fresh sodas. It is available in black and red colors. You can order this soda maker from Brook stone. Priced at 180$ his soda maker can be bought from Brookstone website.

7. Soda stream crystal black starter kit

SodaStream Crystal Black Starter KitThis soda maker com with an elegant stylish designs, can make sodas and beverages in seconds. This kit comes with 1 CO2 Cartridge and a Reusable Glass Carafe. Due to certain laws of the state, this product can be shipped via ground in Continental United States. This soda maker costs about$190.

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8. Penguin sparkling soda maker

Soda Stream Penguin Home Soda Maker

It comes with a black and stainless steel finish and it is compact and neat. It is quite simple to operate and there is hardly any mess involved while making your drinks. One can make soda from tap water in no matter than thirty second. The kit consists of one 60-L, CO2 Carbonator and one stylish looking carafe to serve your drinks. Shipping charges are included while delivering this product. This item takes up some time for delivery. Check the site for fabulous discounts

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9. Susan g. komen soda stream fizz soda maker

Susan G. Komen SodaStream Fizz Soda MakerThis particular soda maker comes with an elegant pink design which promotes the cause of breast cancer .When you buy this product, a certain amount is donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The soda maker comes with an integrated carbon chamber that add fizz to even ordinary water. The company offers two years warranty.

Buy here: Kohl’s

10. Soda stream penguin home soda maker

SodaStream Home Soda Maker with 6 Soda Mixes

Priced at 200$ this soda maker can only be delivered through ground shipping. Stylish glass carafes are offered with this soda maker. The body is made out of stainless steel. The soda maker comes with reusable bottle and thereby it reduces waste. It is available in black color.

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So it is time you sit back and enjoy your drinks with a wide array of soda makers.

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