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Gift Guide 2011: 10 Best Wine Racks

Oceanstar Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack

Wine cellars and wine racks are popular interior items these days. A good wine rack defines elegance, sophistication and gives a classy touch to home decor. If you have a loved one who is a wine aficionado, or just a wine hobbyist, then you must realize the necessity of protecting the valuable vintages. Gifting a Wine rack this season is a wonderful option as it will help your wine enthusiast friend/relative to cherishing his wine collection in a beautiful wine rack. Wine racks come in various styles and budgets. Check out these ten best wine racks which are attractive storage options:

1. Oceanstar Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack

Oceanstar Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack

This exquisite wine rack is made from 100 percent eco friendly bamboo and has a 12 bottle bamboo countertop. Especially designed for budding wine enthusiasts, this rack is a budgetary Christmas gift for your loved ones. The design is chic and modern and can complement any type of interiors. The overall assembly of this rack requires minimal time while the storage space is maximized.

Price: $23.89

Manufacturer: Oceanstar

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2. Spectrum Wall Mount Wine Rack

Spectrum Wall Mount Wine Rack

This wine rack is an efficient storage option for your vintage wines. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be attached to the wall. Therefore, your counter space is saved while your wines are safe and easily accessible. This rack can hold six bottles of wines and comes in a black finish with steel construction.

Price: $19.96

Manufacturer: Spectrum Diversified

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3. Grapevine Wine Rack

Grapevine Wine Rack

Umbra’s grapevine Wine rack is an ideal Christmas gift. This beautiful rack comes in a variety of colors to suit any décor and is design by Ran Lerner. This rack has a natural appearance of grapes hanging from vines. The shape is customized and compact to suit countertops. It has room for 6 bottles and maximizes space utilization while giving a classy look to the overall décor.

Price: $11.99

Manufacturer: Umbra

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4. Oenophilia Bali 12 Bottle Wine Rack in Ebony

Oenophilia Bali 12 Bottle Wine Rack in Ebony

If your friend is a wine aficionado, then this is a perfect gift for him for Christmas. This wine rack is elegantly designed and has an ebony finish to add a touch of sophistication. This 12 bottle wine rack has a designed inspired from the lapping waves at Bali Shore. The design saves a lot of countertop space and is an ideal rack for protecting vintage wines.

Price: $52.55

Manufacturer: Oenophilia

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5. Wooden Wine Rack

Wooden Wine Rack

If you have a wine lover friend, then this is an ideal option. This Wine Rack is a freestanding cellar which can hold 44 bottles. This is a modest yet fashionable way of presenting your vintage variety of collection. The whole rack is durable and has an unfinished natural wood construction. The design is beautiful and pine wood provides a lot of elegance to the rack. You can paint, stain or varnish the wood to suit your style and décor. A great way to present one’s collection and a perfect gift.

Price: $62.99

Manufacturer: Pine Ideas Ltd.

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6. Attrezzi Wall Mount Wine Rack

Attrezzi Wall Mount Wine Rack

This wine rack looks like an antique item and has an Asian Hardwood construction. It can be attached to the wall like a picture. The rack has hand-painted rust finish and appears to be a perfect vintage looking rack for vintage wines. This wall mounted wine rack can hold 6 bottles of wine and is a perfect option for a wine enthusiast in the making. This abstract styling is inspirational while the Asian hardwoods will enhance the look of those wines. It doesn’t require an assembly.

Price: $79.99

Manufacturer: Southern Enterprises, Inc

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7. Rosendahl Winetube Wine Rack

Rosendahl Winetube Wine Rack

This elegant wine rack is full of class and has an inspirational, space saving design. A perfect gift for this festive season, this wine rack is shaped like a tube with holes to adjust wine collection. This is an excellent wine rack, because the bottles and labels of the wines are easily noticeable from this rack. The design is contemporary and the fixings require simple wall mounting. Designed by Kim Almsig, this wine rack can hold 12 bottles of wine and at the same time, it can save a lot of space. The exposure of the wine labels makes it easier for the collector and guests to overview the wine collection.

Price: $99.99

Manufacturer: Rosendahl

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8. FSC Wooden Wine Rack

FSC Wooden Wine Rack

If you have an eco-conscious, wine collector friend, then there is no better gift this wine rack. Made from FSC certified oak, this wine rack is attractive, beautifully designed and elegant piece of wood. The product can hold 6 bottles of wine in a perfect, classy way and will look excellent on any countertop. The uniqueness of its look is add-on. This is a truly world class product.

Price: $146

Manufacturer: FSC

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9. Keyboard Musical Notes Wall Sculpture Wine Rack

Keyboard Musical Notes Wall Sculpture Wine Rack

This is a contemporary wine rack that is wall mounted and doesn’t require assembly. Its innovative design is eye catchy and a great addition to the interiors. The wine rack can hold 6 bottles and has musical notes. It is available in black, white and multicolor colors to suit different kinds of decor. This is an excellent gift option as the rack is beautifully made, durable and has an elegant design. This rack is made of iron gives a creative touch to the walls.

Price: $117.97

Manufacturer: Home Decor Collection

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10. Reclaimed Table Top Wooden Wine Rack

Reclaimed Table Top Wooden Wine Rack

This table top wine rack resembles flames and is uniquely shaped. The wine rack is handmade and can add a touch of sophistication to one’s bar or dining area. It is made of reclaimed timber which gives the rack abundant glow and beauty. It can hold 5 bottles, take minimum space and has rugger brown waxed finish to suit all kinds of interiors. A perfect, classy gift for this Christmas.

Price: $300

Manufacturer: Second Life

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