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Gift ideas for paparazzo pals: Lens pillows by Plushtography

Plushtography Lens Pillow

Plushtography Lens Pillow

Do you live, eat, and breathe with photography? Well, now you can also sleep and dream your passion with the, let’s say innovative, Plushtography Lens Pillows. One may argue that it’s a little more than disturbing for grownups to have pillows shaped like stuff (including blow-up dolls and Star Wars memorabilia!) in their beds, but it can be funny.

The special creation comes to us from courtesy design studio Plushtography, who created the pillow for themselves but then were considerate enough to share it with the world. 100% handmade, each pillow comes `pre-hugged by a team of koalas to ensure maximum huggability’! Major “AWWW” factor and a really good reason to buy a pillow since no one should ever say no to a hug from koalas. The soft wonders are created in three different forms – a Canon 50 mm and a Nikon 35 mm lens for and a Canon 24–105 mm lens – to choose from. The Canon 24–105 mm retails for $65 and the other two go for $35. Made from fleece and felt, the pillows are comfortable to use and make great gifts for photography enthusiasts who can just get enough of their gadgets.

Via: Freshome/Ohgizmo

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