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Glass coffee tables

Today, coffee tables are not only used for serving beverages, but also to enhance home décor. Including coffee table to your interior brings charm to living room. The designs and bevy of vibrant colors available make them an attention grabbing centerpiece for home office and living room. Here, we have listed some unique and beautiful coffee table designs for you. Have a look.

Lazerian’s Mensa coffee table

Price: $3170.00

This torus coffee table from UK based Lazerian studio is designed and structured by Liam Hopkins and Richard Sweeney. This art piece is made with the help of computer modeling using birch plywood, stainless steel rods, wingnuts and hardened glass.

USP: The Mensa coffee table is a piece of ambitious and amazing design as the artists have worked quite hard to push the limits of interior design.

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Newton coffee table

Price: Available on request

This masterpiece is crafted by Staffan Holm and Dan Sunagafor for Karl Andersson & Söner and has won the Nordic Design Prize. This exquisite table is appended by an elegant transparent and ellipse shaped glass top. It is available in two sizes. It will complement any living area or home office.

USP: It is available in one of the three standard woodstains; white, brown or redbraun and black.

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Step coffee table

Price: Available on request

Svilen Gamolov brought all his genius imagination down in the form of this intriguing step coffee table. It gives the illusion of a footprint with its shadow down. Both parts are arched and meet in the middle under a glass tabletop. Both footprints are made of plywood and glossy paint.

USP: The appearance of this table makes it an extraordinary piece of art.

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Noguchi coffee table: Replica in black

Price: $236.17

First introduced by Isamu Noguchi in 1947, this exceptional reproduction is a blend of art and workmanship. This distinctive piece is created with two curved wood legs that interlock to form a tripod for self-stabilizing support. This prototype is simple and creative in its own way and reveals everything about its nature of simplicity.

USP: The ethereal piece of décor is not only unique in its appeal, but also very sturdy and durable with solid hardwood and 3/4″ tempered glass.

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Layer coffee table

Price: Available on request

Italian designer Luca Nichetto designed this beautiful coffee table for his client Gallotti & Radice. It is topped with 12 mm transparent glass surface. The base is made by stacking a number of wooden rings, which propose the structure of a pals trunk. It is available in natural ash, wengé stained or white, black, saffron yellow, sand or chestnut open pore lacquer.

USP: Table height and dimensions can be changed, depending on number of column employed and rings stacked.

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Bacher Confetto coffee table

Price: $2178

Designed by Mutschler Winkler, Germany, this ingenious and meaningful transformation of ideas into functional form is simply surprising. A 15 mm thick, clear and rectangular glass top floats on a base of highly glossed chromed metal bar. Matt or gloss lacquered base is available in a range of colors.

USP: With corner sofas and single piece sets, it will create an elegant aura in your living room.

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Hoop glass coffee table

Price: $309.00

This unique contemporary oval coffee table is simple, elegant and a long standing favorite. It consists of a sturdy oval table top of quality tempered glass. A sculptured ABS base is available in both colors: black and white. They are not only functional, but also a elegant piece of décor for your living room.

USP: ABS is a polymer blend that gives the materials rigidity, hardness and heat resistance.

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Bonaldo glam glass coffee table

Price: $2310.13

The Bonaldo glam coffee table is structured in wood with polyurethane padding on the outside. This trendy piece is covered in shiny fabric with a beautiful blackpearl glass top. It is available in vibrant colors like fucsia, white, dark brown, bluette or gray.

USP: It comes with a blackpearl or an extra light mirror glass top.

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Axis coffee table in solid American black walnut

Price: Available on request

This Japanese puzzle inspired piece of décor has interlocking planes from a strong and rigid frame. It is available in many colors like blue, birch, green and black walnut.

USP: This bantam table can be easily fit without taking much space.

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Kartell Usame table

Price: $300.00

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this articulate object features a hollow compartment for storage. It is so versatile that it can be used as a magazine holder, side table, bedside table and sometimes can be transformed into a bed tray. It is etched by embellished ginkgo floral pattern. It is available in six different transparent finishes and one matte black finish.

USP: This table is lightweight enough to move easily. It can be recycled easily.

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Iceberg: Modern, simple and stylish glass coffee table design

Price: $2310.13

Iceberg, a contemporary square shaped glass coffee table, combines style with versatility. Glass tabletop rests on a curved wood base shining laminate finish. It is available in glossy white, walnut and glossy white. With so simple appearance and dimensions, it is perfect for any living area.

USP: Its unusual shape is perfect for holding magazines or any other stuff.

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Stingray coffee table

Price: Available on request

Created by Stephen Veit for the German manufacturer, Draenert, this unique furniture impresses with its organic curves. The base is in the shape of wave with a round glass tabletop giving an appearance of stingray.

USP: You can see lovely views and shadow plays depending on angle of view.

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Wave rectangular glass coffee table

Price: $546.19

This stunning rectangular glass coffee table can easily create its presence in any living room. This table can be used every day, thanks to strong and sturdy glass.

USP: The black ripple wave shelf can be used to keep articles like magazines.

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Wovenwood coffee table

Price: $1800

Crafted by designer Larry and Nancy Buechley, this sculptural table can become focal point of any living area. With round glass tabletop and twisted base, it adds some artistic sense to your home.

USP: They are so light weighted and simple that they can be used from living room to office.

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Twirl clear glass coffee table

Price: $251.71

From the house of Chorley Burdett Furniture, this elegant and fabulous table reflects striking and innovative ‘step’ design. It features a thick slab of glass and stunning swirl base.

USP: This is made from highest grade of tempered glass and very easy to assemble with a large screw on top.

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