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Glass terrariums: The retro trend is back to stay!


Terrariums or call them mini gardens, they are just the new way to create miniature greenhouse in a very small space. Terrariums are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors right inside the house. They are the new definition of bringing artwork and living things all at once. They are nothing more than an independent ecosystem under glass or put in better words as a garden in a bottle that are easy to maintain. The delicacy and charisma of the miniature gardens not only gets us close to nature, but also creates a restful mood.

The Trend
Terrariums are slowly making their comeback, either as an art or as a new way to stay close to nature. Terrariums are a great way to bring some life and greenery indoors with all the benefits of a houseplant with the appealing appearance. They are making their place in houses because of lack of sufficient place in the modern living environment to enjoy greenery. They fit easily in any part of your home and let you take the feel of nature all the year around, and so they are well known as Mini Greenhouse. Since the plants are contained in their own humidity-controlled environment, they require very little care and also requires only occasional watering and a bright area.

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Some modern terrariums

• Teardrop Terrarium
teardrop terrarium
The delicate, hand-blown glass terrariums in organic shapes remind us of bubbles, teardrops, body parts, peanuts, and pears. The eye-catching terrariums by Paula Hayes are selling like hot cakes for between $8,000 and $22,000.

• Domsai Terrariums
domsai terrarium
These terrariums look like some space men from another planet. Domsai is high in design and beautiful and works well with little water and sunlight.

• Esque Terrariums
esque terrarium low
The hand blown Esque terrarium is made from 100% recycled glass and heated in a furnace powered completely by wind energy. The terrariums hold price tag of $600-$800.

• Wall bubble terrarium
wall bubble terrarium
Wall bubble terrarium with succulent and planting kit from Flora Grubb Gardens are all set to deck up your walls with ample greenery. These half globe can be easily hung on the wall with the help of nail or a track. To enjoy the presence of these tiny gardens, all you have to do is, hang it in a well lit place to let the light shine on it. It wears the price tag of $33.00.

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