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Gothic Home Decor

Home Decor Ideas for Outside—Gothic is Back

In ancient times the word Gothic was used as a synonym for “Barbaric”, critics therefore defined this type of art as unrefined and not at all in line with the aesthetics and proportions of “Classic Art From”. Gothic Art was severely criticized by French Artists before it became a recognized form of art. In its initial days Gothic Art was called as “French Work”. Gothic interiors have a very dark and imposing in its nature. A person will either love gothic art or hate it. Gothic, more than trends is purely based on an individuals taste.


The Gothic style of interior design usually involves usage of figurines like the human skull. This form of decoration is dark. It per-dominantly uses the color black and other dark colors like red, maroons & purples. However, though using a Gothic theme would not exactly be a great idea for the interiors, it certainly is a great theme to be used on the outside. Gothic theme look houses externally use textured tiles, stones etc. which are certainly easy on maintenance. If the look is Gothic on the outside, it gives quite a royal feel, castle like feel. Gothic architecture though is not very popular for doing up the interiors of a house, but the trend is sure catching up for doing the exteriors of a house.

The Gothic architecture is gaining popularity in case some one is looking to build a mansion or an independent house on a huge piece of land. Gothic architecture is also popular for construction of churches. The famous church in Shimla is a living example of the Gothic form of architecture. The conical structures made on the church are very typical Gothic form of architecture. Though Gothic for of decoration is not used in its old traditional form, the contemporary style of Gothic decoration is widely popular among all in the present day. Usage of colors like reds and purples combined with contrasts like whites and cremes is a more modern form of Gothic interiors. Usage of candles, candle stands, huge dark paintings is quite popular when doing interiors nowadays. All these, interior ideas have their roots in the traditional Gothic interiors.


Usage of masks on the exteriors and entrance of the house is quite a popular trend these days. These ideas and forms are inspired from the more traditional Gothic way of interiors. Though, not popular in its traditional form, Gothic art is sure gaining popularity in its contemporary form.

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