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Zero Gravity Shower

Zero Gravity Shower offers the ultimate surreal experience

Zero Gravity Shower

With each passing day, the dwindling water table across the world behooves us to invent in such technology which helps in minimizing the wastage of this precious resource. Zero gravity shower is one such equipment which will help in reducing the wastage of water drastically and will also help in creating such an environment during shower time which makes the user relaxed, calm and fresh.

The zero gravity shower will help a person take a bath with merely 2-liters of water promising no wastage and there will be no need of towel as the warm and pleasant breeze will help in drying the wet body of the user. Besides, the shower is capable of sensing the emotions of the user and creates an environment which helps the user to relax and get ready to take up the challenges of life. The shower in a way becomes a friend of the user and makes a unique bonding like a friend as it helps in eliminating the emotional stress and chooses the music, smell and colors according to the user’s state of mind. What more does a close friend do?

For using this shower, the user needs to press the related button and feel the state of zero gravity. Magnetic slippers are used for stability in the shower. Then a bubble of soapy water is released for the user which user can rub on himself. When done with soap, the user can press the water button and the soap bubbles are sucked in by the valves and fresh water is released by the shower from which the user can clean body quickly. Simultaneously music, lights and aroma keeps playing according to user’s state of mind. Once done, a warm and pleasant breeze helps in drying out the body. Bathing in Zero gravity shower can be a surreal experience for any tired soul and body.

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