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Green your walls!

eco sculpture walls

eco sculpture walls

If you are immensely obsessed with the nature, then the eco-sculpture wall can be a great addition for your home. The eco-sculpture wall as the name all says is an approach to bring ecosystem to your home. Eco-sculptures are exact replicas of living nature and so the French designer Paul-Louis Duranton brings his amazing work to make your walls green. A complete harmony of water, vegetation, plants and animals, the self-regulation walls require almost no maintenance. The diversified and innovative presentation of an indoor living nature brings original greenery to your living space. Scroll down to check for some of the beautiful eco-sculpture work.



The small magnificent landscape is not only simple and elegant but also holds small shells and serves as a magnificent indoor plant.

The high relief rocky sculpture

relief rock structure

The completely customizable composite rocky can be planted which are irrigated via a pump.



A combination of mineral and aquatic landscape with plants not only constitutes a balanced ecosystem but at the same time serves as a planted wall, a rocky wall and a water wall.



Wall-Eco-sculpture designed for a terrace, balcony, patio, urban garden, designed to integrate an indoor or outdoor architecture.





Neela pani

neela pani

Via: Notcot/ Ecosculpture

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