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Window curtains

Select the perfect window curtains

Window curtains

While doing up our home, one thing that we often forget is window! No matter how much emphasize you give to the walls, furniture or upholstery, if your window looks dull and gloomy, trust us, nothing can lift up your room’s decor. They lend a certain personality to the room with their color, texture and look. And to perk them up, it is important to select the right kind of curtains that will complement the decor and enhance the look of the room. To get personalized options, you can consult your interior decorator or even ask friends and family for suggestions. However, here are a few guidelines to help you make the right choice.

1. Do not have similar curtains in all rooms

The most common mistake that people make is to use the same curtain fabric and style in all the rooms, which is actually easier and more convenient to do. What is not realized is the fact that each room is different and the interior decor is different; hence, the curtains should go well with the same and should not look out of place. You would want to lend elegance to the living room and possibly to your bedroom but not to the kid’s bedroom.

2. Try to buy curtains as per the privacy required in each room

Sheer drapes are very elegant and soothing as window treatments and are also quite popular. However, you must decide on the levels of privacy that each room requires, as sheer drapes are apparently transparent. Bedrooms could probably have the sheer drapes doubled up with darker drapes for more privacy.

3. Buy curtains with fabrics that suit your preferences for lighting

When deciding on curtains, you must also figure out which rooms require a lot of light and which don’t and then pick the fabric accordingly. Bedrooms would definitely need a lot of light blocking, hence pick drapes that block out a lot of light, particularly those that face the sun. The drawing room area would probably require more light for a brighter and lively effect, hence sheer drapes would do well there.

4. Choose the right fabric for your curtains

The sheer texture of the fabrics of your curtains lend a special characteristic to your room. You might want to go in for silk curtains for your drawing room for an elegant and luxurious look. However, when choosing silk curtains, do keep into account that sun-facing rooms tend to have a harsh effect on silk and the color fades away really quickly. So, do give the longevity of the fabric a thought before investing a lot of money in curtains.

5. Make the curtains a part of the interior design of the room

It is important to buy curtains that go with the color that is being used in the room – you could play it safe by matching it perfectly or could even play around with the palette by contrasting it. However, the only thing to watch out for would be not to clash with the interiors of your room. Deep colored curtains give a depth and warmth to a space. Therefore, go out and seek advice before taking your pick.

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