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Gut buster: Hassle-free cleaning of gutters!

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Ever thought one day you’ll get designer gutters? Well, as you all know designers around the world never seem to stop to amaze us with their wonderful designs. Paul Mitchell understood the problem we face with ordinary gutter cleaners and designed the Gut Buster with alternative scoop shape.

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What’s different?
Unlike other gutter cleaners available in the market, this innovative gut buster clears household gutters by clamping onto the edge of a gutter and propelling itself along clearing the trash. For proper cleaning, there are two rows of rubber wheels that follow the gutter to its end where it stops and returns to the original point. The detachable scoop can be easily changed to suit shape and size of the gutter. Hassle-free gutter cleaning that eliminates the need of leaning over at the top of a ladder is what makes gut buster the smartest gutter cleaner.

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Thanks Paul Mitchell!

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