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Home Entertainment: The latest desktop audio gadget by Meridian

meredien 1

meredien 1

The product
The British tech-gadget giant Meridian has recently launched a new Desktop Audio System in January this year, very compact in design and ultra-chic in appearance. This small yet powerful system boasts of 12” high DSP3200 speakers (costing $6000) and 11”x11” Audio Core 200 sterero controller (costing $3,000).

Key features
The Desktop Audio System is very compact in terms of its dimensions and lightweight (the Audio Core weighs 6 pounds only). The Audio Core 200 basically performs the functions of a preamplifier hub for connecting various digital and analog audio sources – forming a great combination with the Sooloos media server by Meridian and the high quality speakers that perform well and employ DSP. The DSP3200 loudspeakers (which bear a close resemblance to Meridian’s first DSP8000 speaker model) have a frequency ranging from 45 Hz to 20kHz, powered by amplifiers with 75-watt capacity.

What’s in for me?
It is a great deal for Meridian customers who would like a sleek yet powerful audio system – and the small compact size is certainly most commendable!

For more inquiries, you can log onto the Meridian website or simply call at +44.14.8044.5678.

Via: RobbReport

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