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Hot sauce will no more be hot with Adjustable Hot sauce

adjustable hot sauce

adjustable hot sauce
If you love BBQ food, but cannot stand the hot and spicy sauce and wish someone could help make it taste a bit less spicy, then I guess you’ll definitely love the Adjustable Hot Sauce.

This is Adjustable Heat sauce that will adjust the degree of hotness as per your taste buds. Yes, this one features a 7.1 ounce container that’s separated into two compartments, one of which contains ‘hot’ sauce while the other is loaded with not so hot quantity.

All you have to do is twist the nozzle at the top to get a mixture of the two if you cannot tolerate the hot sauce at its best. This sounds cool…with this around you won’t have to give up your favorite sauce just because it’s too hot to handle.

Info about this versatile sauce is not yet available…but no doubt it’s gonna be any way expensive than the usual ones.

Via: CoolestGadgets

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