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How to choose modern living room paint colors

With a little imagination and efforts, you can transform your living room into a masterpiece that draws wonder (and a little envy), from your guests. Identify the focal piece of furniture or art piece and work your colors based on that. Decide what the feel of the living room is going to be, chic and modern, warm and inviting, bright and cheerful or sober. The colors and the finish will decide the feel as you see in the pictures below.

Pretty pink

It is impossible to be depressed in this living room, in which one wall and the floor has been painted a peony pink. A multicolored painting has been used to rope in more drama to the living room. The adjoining dinning space features black wall accentuating the pink theme. Deep magenta (sofa), red (couches) and white (carpet) are the only other colors breaking the pink flow here.

Modern white and black

The modern look is all about space, well defined clean lines and curves with no clutter. Surprisingly greys, whites and blacks are used very imaginatively to give this living room a cool and hi-fi look. The polished black geometric surfaces lend an accent to the pearly grey and white walls.

Bold beige

Designed by Jill E Hertz, this eye catching living room is dressed in bold colors. A pinkish beige is used for the sofas and walls. The well lit room has purple and red that add a splash of fun color to the living space.

Woodsy living room

Phyllis harbinger has incorporated all the woodsy colors in this room. This bright room can take all the shades of brown very well. The dark polished wood, the beige walls and sofas in slightly variant shades from cinnamon to brown, are set off beautifully with the white windows and ceiling.

Sleek green

One wall of this living rooms has been painted a glorious green, enhanced by the golden sun light coming from the window. A combination of white and green furniture and decorative surround the green wall and make a pleasant and soothing picture.

Blue black wonder

Think out of the box and transform your living room into this dark blue-black wonder. The warm wooden color of the floor and the sofa upholstery, accentuated with the grey-white sink in sofa and the zebra pattern of the rug is a very unusual color combination, but looks great.

Saucy living room

Who would ever dare to paint the walls of the living room a heart stopping tomato red? When you see the photo, you realise how exciting that looks. A mix of red and white cushions arranged on a white sofa looks complementary to the tomato red wall.

Exotic white

This trendy looking living room is giving off a sumptuous dazzle. Warm sunlight streaming in has accentuated the pale golden furniture and accessories. The walls and the ceiling are white while the pillar, carpet, sofas have been kept in soft golden. Other accessories like chandeliers, candle holder and floor lamp too have been picked up in pale colors to further enhance the warmth of the room. On the whole, the colors used are simple and brilliant.

Sea blue

This is living poetry and not just a living room. The utterly inspiring color combination by Martha stewart is mind blowing. She has combined the grey of the thunder clouds with the turquoise blue of the calm sea in this superbly styled living room set off with dainty furniture.

Classy living room

Making a piece of art as the central theme, like the oil painting in this picture is a good idea. You can choose the color of the walls and furniture based on the highlighted piece of art. Here the walls and the sofa fabric are a pastel lilac and furniture, a warm wooden hue that merges with the decor and brings focus to the huge oil painting.

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