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Eight indoor herb gardens to enliven your kitchen

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

Most of us long for our personal kitchen gardens where we can grow fresh vegetables and herbs that are organic and healthy. However, modern homes leave us very little space to be used for planting and apartments leave us with none! However, with the help of modern technology and innovative thinking certain people have developed amazing techniques of growing produce indoors in a very convenient and aesthetic way. Here are eight such brilliant designs for indoor herb gardens that will add more flavor to your kitchen and the greenery will add a touch of nature to your interiors!

1. Kitchen Nano Garden

Kitchen Nano Garden

The Kitchen Nano Garden has been designed by Park Jae-Yong,Park Seuk-Ki , Hyun-Jung and Shon Chang-Jin from Korea who have provided a modern-day solution to growing herbs and vegetables indoors. Apart from growing your fresh produce and providing healthy and pesticide free vegetables, this kitchen garden is a great educational tool for kids as they understand the mechanism of growth through this mini hydroponic system. The Nano Kitchen Garden uses LED lighting in place of sunlight and the water that is used in the kitchen is recycled for watering the plants. This kitchen garden is quite compact and occupies less space. This Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai looks more like a refrigerator which is transparent and displays your greens flamboyantly!

2. AeroGarden


The AeroGarden is a product from Aero Grow and is a state-of-the-art farming device that enables you to grow your plants by using air in place of soil on your kitchen shelf! Now you can get zero pesticide produce and greens within a time span of 28 days with the help of the AeroGarden that uses 95% less water as compared to regular plants. Using the aeroponics technique, which is globally known for its high yield crop production, the AeroGarden uses the same process by sprouting seeds in a completely humid chamber.

3. Rrigerator


It would sound impossible if someone were to say that a refrigerator can also grow plants – but this is true in the case of the Rrigerator! Designed by Ms Hanna Sandström along with Whirlpool and Green Fortune this refrigerator is actually a kitchen garden in disguise! All you have to do is plant your favorite veggies and greens and you can either continue to grow them or even preerve their freshness. This system does not require regular watering as it automatically provides sufficient light and water to the plants.

4. Hanging Polaroid Flower Vase

Hanging Polaroid Flower Vase

The Polaroid Flower Vase is a creation by Jung Hwa Jin, which is an elegant vase that is suspended from the ceiling. This flower vase also has an embedded lamp that illuminates the vase in which you can grow your favorite herb indoors!

5. Miniature French Herb Garden

Miniature French Herb Garden

The range of Miniature French Herb Gardens is blessing for all those who miss out on back yards for growing their favorite herbs and plants. The Petit Coco kettle and casserole herb gardens are small enough to sit on your kitchen window sills providing you with your fresh mint leave and basil for your daily cooking! These miniature french herb garden pieces are available in three colors navy, orange and red and would cost $33 only.

6. Lightpot


The Lightpot is a creation by Studio Shalub and is an elegant little greenhouse-like pot for the people who would not mind having their kitchen garden on their kitchen counter! This pot has a dual function of a kitchen garden as well as an LED lamp that provides light to the plants and also adds more character to the entire Lightpot!

7. Tasty Frame

Tasty Frame

The Tasty Frame is a creation by Nguyen La Chanh, a designer from Switzerland, whose Moss Carpet has won him a lot of appreciation. The Tasty Frame is made out of cool plastic and can be place vertically or horizontally on your kitchen top providing you your mini kitchen garden comprising of your favorite herbs!

8. LED Kitchen Garden

LED Kitchen Garden

The LED kitchen garden by SonnyLight is a brilliant way to grow herbs, plants and even flowers throughout the year. This kitchen garden comprises of a pot with a tray and an overhead LED roof that makes it possible for the plants to grow in all seasons! Each model of this kitchen garden has the capacity to grow around 72 plants at a time by using 70% lesser energy! The kitchen garden is light in weight and portable. The device is also equipped with a sunset and sunrise feature for preventing plant shock. It also has a programmable growing light for setting the correct amount of light exposure for the plants. The sleek design of the LED Kitchen Garden makes it perfect for any home!

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