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Innovative planters made from discarded furniture



An Italian pair of Designers, Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace, have come up with an innovative collection of planters for outdoor use, that can be made from old, unwanted or irreparable furniture. The collection is titled ‘Da Morto a Orto‘, literally meaning, ‘from redundant to abundant’. It was showcased during Milan Design Week held in April.

The collection features a range of designs of varying complexity. The simple and no-frills designs include a flower bed planted in a sink covered with wire mesh and a chaise chair with little plants suspended through different places of the awning. A huge ‘planter’ made from a wheelbarrow, a bicycle tyre, a floor light, a desk lamp, a wall panel and pipes is among the complex designs. Redundant and discarded tables, chairs, windows and other items of furniture find new life as homes for indoor plants.

The planters are a pleasant mix of design innovation, aesthetics and functionality. For the household crunched for space and for a world in want of more reduce-reuse-recycle, the design collection shows a new way to unclutter.

Via: fastcodesign

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