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Innovative vase covers by Tord Boontje

vase covers 1451

vase covers 1451

Everyone wants beautiful flowers and so, of course vases, for they enhance not only your verandah but also add to the entire decor of your home in a beautiful manner. But the most difficult thing I find is to bring those expensive, carved ones home without breaking or at least scratching them. So, designer Tord Boontje has again designed for us something very functional and beautiful too.

These are recycled vase covers. Are you not getting the idea of what I am exactly talking about? OK! I’ll explain. These vase covers are flatly packed when you purchase them. You can unfold and arrange them later on. This way, you don’t need to worry about the scratches and even breakages. Moreover, with the help of these covers you can turn a simple bottle into a centerpiece. Yes, they easily amass around the object. You can choose from the three designs available, but I recommend you to get all of the three. The covers feature flowers, butterflies and beautiful contours inspired from nature with all those twists and turns. You can even gift them; however, I will love to get them for myself only.


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