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Junk congregates art with sculptures made from auto parts

auto art sculpture

auto art sculpture

Have you ever thought of decorating your living space with sculptures made from old used auto parts? If you are an eco-conscious person who shares a passion for cars and automobiles, these old auto parts turned artistic sculptures are a great option, as there is a ring of environmental goodness. The efficient and intelligent use of these sculptures made from discarded auto parts can add to the aesthetics of your habitat. Here are some amazing works that show a beautiful blend of junk and art.

• Recycled Art by Michelle Stitzlein

stitzlein sculpture

Utilizing the car and motor parts, Michelle Stitzlein beautifully crafts the junk parts into sculptures for your home. These sculptures are made up of recycled material which nearly utilize all the parts like license plates, car parts, mirrors, trash can lids, piano keys, bicycle tires, scrap wood, bottle caps, aluminum siding, faucet handles, oil drum lids and phone handsets.

• Dragon fly art

dragon fly art

The dragon fly art is an amazing work of art which is from the engine of motor parts and wielding torches. The engine blocks are bought together to turn the art into functional work, as well as an appealing sculpture.

• Fish sculptures

racing fish sculptures

The inimitable fishes are an artwork of former BAR Honda chief F1 Mechanic, Alastair Gibson. The sculpture which basically comprises sea creatures, are made from carbon fiber and discarded Honda F1 car parts. The sea creature includes sharks, piranhas, trouts and various other species of fish. The amazing artwork is designed with the fine details of the fish, from the fins up to their teeth.

• Sculpture from Nemo Gould

nemo gould sculptures

The amazing sculptures from Nemo Gould are worth appreciation in true words. The efficient use of car parts, antlers, wheels and real dentures are transformed into beautiful sculptures like the nightmarish rabbits and statuesque, alien-like creatures. Made from junk materials, the sculptures are eye-catching works which enhance the interior with its artistic appeal.

• Sculptures made by James Corbett

james corbett sculpture

james corbett sculpture2

james corbett sculpture1

james corbett sculpture7

The awe-inspiring sculptures from James Corbett are an efficient approach to make use of old junkyard and car parts. The sculptures made from the car parts include small bikes, cars, animals and birds which with its unique appearance enhance your living space. The beautiful sculpture with its excellent artwork adorns the interiors of your house.

• Cool art piece from car parts


The cool art work is made from car parts to augment the décor of your house with the new style statement. The artwork includes amazing sculptures of creatures like fish, crab, birds and other many more.

• Hand made tress

tree sculpture3

These hand made trees made by Jim Shultz are carved from the discarded and recycled car parts. The beautiful sculpture adds a new meaning to the trash parts of the cars and also enhances the décor of your house at the same time.

• Car art from Jonathan Steele

car art of jonatahn steele

Inspired from one of the shows, this car art from Jonathan Steele is a beauty with the creation. Designed from steel car part, the car art is an adorning piece for your interiors.

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