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Keeping Houseplants Healthy is Way Easier than You Think

Growing houseplants is a good practice to follow. The houseplants not only provide beauty and serenity but also provide fresh oxygen as they grow. Maintaining a good health of plants is necessary for their effective growth. Here we will mention some tips that will guide you to grow and maintain healthy houseplants while avoiding “green depression” state of a gardener.

  1. Place plants in a more sunlight region


Sunlight is an essential requirement for the healthy growth of plants. South-facing windows receive more sunlight than the north-facing windows. You have to keep in mind that plants having bright foliage require more sunlight as compared to other plants. Moreover, if you perform a half-turn of the pot once in a day then the foliage of the plants automatically bends towards the light. Be sure to move the sun-sensitive plants away from sunlight in hot months.

  1. Watering plants

All plants need water for their proper growth. The amount of water required for efficient growth varies from plant to plant. It is a fact that the water requirement of plants changes in different seasons. Plants need less water in winters because they grow slowly during the cold season. In general, tropical plants require more water than non-tropical plants. You should consider the water requirements of the plants and should water them accordingly.

  1. Humidity requirements


Maintaining humidity in your home is also necessary for the plants to thrive. The humidity level in the range of 40-60% is ideal for the plant’s healthy growth. In winters, the humidity level drops to 30%, this is sufficient for plants in winters because plants grow inactively during cold weather.

If the humidity level of your home falls between 10 to 30%, then the air becomes desert air and is not ideal for plants to grow. In such conditions, you can put your home plants in a region of your home that is more humid like the bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, you can use a humidifier to maintain proper humidity in your home, which is ideal for the plant’s growth.

  1. Feeding plants

Feeding plants in an efficient way is essential to ensure their healthy growth. You should not fertilize plants when they are suffering from dryness, as this will cause more damage to them. Dry plants do much better without food rather than having too much food.Feed plants when they are growing steadily and are not facing any issues.

  1. Before going on a vacation


Before you are going out for a vacation, you should water your plants thoroughly and arrange them without saucers. You should put the plant’s pot on a wet plush towel in your sink or tub. You have to make the towel wet with cold water so that the roots can take moisture from the wet towel. This tip will help in preventing dryness of plants while you are away from your home.

  1. Re-potting plants

The repotting of plants is a good practice for maintaining their proper growth and health. You can do repotting of your houseplants at any time, but it is best to repot a plant just before its growth begins, which is in the spring season. There are three signs, which will tell you that your plants need repotting: soil dries out quickly or water comes out of the pot without being soaked by the plant: new leaves appear slowly and grow smaller than previous ones: roots growing out through the pot’s drainage holes or surface. 

Different types of plants have different requirements for maintaining their good heath and growth. If you follow these healthy practices for growing your houseplants, then they will thrive well for sure.

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