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Kids beds: Comfortably cute

Choosing furniture for your child’s room can be fun, but at the same time very confusing. A bed is the central piece of any bedroom and, keeping in mind that sleeping takes up almost a third of our life, should be chosen properly. There are many designs available for little boys and girls, which are both attractive and bright, and blend perfectly with the bubbly personality of children. Try these cute kids’ beds for your little pumpkins room that look wonderful and see them fall asleep amid all the comfort.

Plush kids bed from Incredibeds

Price: Available on request

Kids love stuffed toys, so why not give them what they love even when they sleep? Let your cutie pie snuggle in the utterly cute plush kids bed from Incredibeds. The awe amazing bed can be chosen from various heroes, animals and favorite cartoon characters. The creation is absolutely stunning and will make your little ones fall in love with it at first sight.

What’s unique: Every kids bed in this section has two hands on each sides, which will never make your child feel alone, as they feel a caressing touch all the time when inside the oh-so-cute bed.

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Batmobile car bed

Price: Available on request

Boys and their love for cars have been long known and don’t seem to cease generation after generation. Give your little brat a super hero car bed, which will make him scream with utmost joy. See him revel in the glory of his favorite super hero’s aura as he sleeps tight till the morning.

What’s unique: The Batmobile car bed is durable and has a sharp yet speedy design. The side tables and cabinets can also be matched with the chosen ride, while your child’s name flashes on the license plate giving the room his identity.

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Kids beds design by Car Moebel

Price: Available on request

The sweet kids beds design by Car Moebel can be any small girl’s dream. The beds are unique and very girly, which your little princess will truly adore. The designs not only encompass comfort within its sleeping space, but will also unfurl an additional play area, making your cutie pie fall in love with the dream like space.

What’s unique: The designs will flexibly create space for your child to play, which will be useful when the weather plays foul. Kids beds design by Car Moebel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving your child ‘The Best’ in terms of comfort.

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Pirate boat bed

Price: Available on request

The Pirate boat bed, without a second thought, spells out its own name that too all smothered in style. Let your child sail into a world full of sweet dreams as he/she slips into a pirate world that will be created by this awesomely designed bed. See an eternal smile etch on your kiddo’s face as he/she nestles into the warm and cozy space.

What’s unique: The pirate boat bed is child safe and comes in multi-colored paint finish. See children go absolutely wild when they get drenched in the very cool pirate experience.

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Joseph helicopter bed

Price: Available on request

Park a helicopter right inside the kid’s room and see your child fly around with never ending excitement. Joseph helicopter bed has been crafted out of wood that gives it all the durability traits. The striking red color highlights every part of the design even further. Your daughter or son will be filled with excitement to go to bed every night and dream about open blue skies.

What’s unique: Joseph helicopter bed will create a safe as well as fun environment, which is definitely one of the best things that parents can give their children. The glossy design, with its rollicking graphics and wavy lines, is bound to arrest the much required attention of your naughty devil.

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MAMMUT pink bed

Price: $159.99

IKEA and its creations can never be understated when it comes to neat and crisp designing. MAMMUT pink bed will give your angel wings as she feels nothing less than a Barbie doll, all cute and pink. The bed frame comes with a slatted bed base that can be coordinated with additional decoration pieces and well crafted lamps, making sure your angel’s room shines like a star.

What’s unique: The pink creation has a simple design, which is unique in itself. Add storage, closets and accessories at your whim make the room of your princess nothing less than a fairytale.

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Thuka Maxi white 7 highsleeper bed

Price: £760.00

The Thuka Maxi white 7 highsleeper bed was designed with both your children’s imagination and safety in mind. The bed is neat and cozy, and will wrap your kiddo with utmost comfort. The high bed will be accompanied by a ladder. The presence of a desk in the design will perform a range of functions and will double as a study that too all under the comfort of the breathtaking bed.

What’s unique: The one feature that stands out in the design is the chair bed that can be pulled out to create an extra cozy space. However, next time your sweetheart’s best friend comes over for a sleepover, simply pull it out and see them transport into deep sleep within a matter of seconds.

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Modern beds for kids from Italy

Price: Available on request

Momentoitalia and its modern beds for kids is exactly what you want to create that perfect room for your child. Pick from a plethora of options that range from single to twin beds. Combine them with comforting fabric and playful colors, and see your baby get all happy-clappy.

What’s unique: These lively modern beds are easy to clean and access. Let your child play in a world full of dreams as your kids definitely deserve the best.

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Classic train bed

Price: $1999.00

Here is a bed that makes sure bedtime becomes the highlight of your kid’s day. The classic train bed, as the name suggests, looks like a merry little engine that will force your child to hiss ‘I love you’ for the creation. The front part can be opened, which is nothing but a front storage. It comes complete with shelves and cabinets, bowing down to all the storage needs.

What’s unique: Let your child literary immerse into the magic of bygone days, where bogies were pulled by a steam engine. The bed has striking details and is quite durable that will last for years.

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Delta enterprise Disney princess toddler bed with canopy

Price: $119.97

The beautifully details children’s bed is a dream come true for your charming princesses as she slips into a world of fairytales. Delta Enterprise Disney princess toddler bed comes fitted with a canopy that will embrace your delicate doll in comfort. The cute pink design is accentuated by the presence of ribbons plus Disney princesses, which is perfect for your little girl.

What’s unique: It is a complete novelty bed for your baby doll, all finished in a pretty pink color. She will be pleased to have the generously sized bed placed right inside her dreamy princess room.

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