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LED illuminated coffee table with graphics of your choice

coffeetable02c rect540

coffeetable02c rect540

Now, this is the coolest ever coffee table that shows off your love for UK. An LED illuminated coffee table glowing up your living room is sure to make anyone, I bet anyone will fall in love with UK flag. What if I tell you that you have a choice to make? You can switch out any graphic and choose whatever you fancy. LED lighting is also customizable using interchangeable filters. Y’all know good things come with a hefty price tag so is this table. You need to pay a hefty price though: £2000.00 (or £2500.00 for custom image) and get it from SUCK UK.

coffeetable03 rect540

coffeetable01 rect540

coffeetable02 rect540

coffeetable02b rect540

Via: Unplggd

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