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light garden 5

Light Garden: Treat for indoor plants

light garden 5If having loads of greenery and plants inside your home has always been your way of living but somehow you cannot accomplish this desire due to lack of proper lighting system. Then here is something that can help you to make your green dream come true.

Check out this unique light garden from the house of Gardeners’ Supply Co . Thisone provides the best environment to your plants to grow. Indoor plants can get the optimum amount of light from the four built-in 24-watt T-5 fluorescent lights.
The manufacturers guarantee a life of 30,000 glowing hours, while physically the light garden is pretty sturdy as it is made in steel with a durable black finish. Apart from this, the garden comes with three drip trays to lock the leaking water and save your floor. This wonder indoor garden is priced at $349…and I think that’s not much to make your dream come true…Isn’t it?

Via: LuxuryHousingTrends

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