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Ligne Roset Sofa: Flexible seating option

ligne roset 5

ligne roset 5

All those looking out for a versatile piece of furniture for their small apartment cannot get a better deal that the Ligne Roset Downtown sofa. This one is extremely flexible and highly functional, not just in terms of the comfort level but also from the point pf view of space that it saves and multiple seating options that it provides for.

The uniqueness of this sofa lies in it’s flexible headrests that can be folded and turned in different positions to give you five different seating arrangements that are comfy and useful at the same time.

You can turn it from king sized bed to a lounge chair and from a settee to a relaxing sofa in just a few turns and folds of the body. A contemporary design that’s simply perfect to mingle in the ambience of your modern home.

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